Saturday, May 3, 2014


Reagan was restless last night. I think she slept, but not sure how much or how well. She's been OK today. Not great but not bad either. Smiley one moment, furrowed brow the next. There are some things that are off, like her temperature regulation (cold clammy hands and feet and super sweaty back) and an increased sensitivity that indicate that she is headed in the wrong direction. Her new nurse was here today and everything went really well. Reagan didn't give her too much of a hard time, but could tell something was bothering her. She was a little moany/grunty and definitely seemed to feel a little better once she had a poo! Tonight she was just SO tense, I wanted to hold her but she was kicking and fighting, it was not easy to do. The constant hand in the's a battle and she usually wins. She's still got a runny nose and congestion that is driving her crazy! She fights to breathe out of her nose instead of just opening her mouth! I made the executive decision to start her on Zofran tonight just because there's a definite sense that things are escalating and maybe if we intervene soon enough, we'll minimize the damage! She's not looking sleepy at all tonight, even with the clonidine, hoping she settles down and gets some rest!

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