Monday, May 19, 2014

Darling girl

Reagan had a great day today. She slept well last night, falling asleep on her own (without any medication) for the second night in a row. She woke up this morning super sweet and smiley! It definitely seems we're back to good days once again! We went on a walk this morning. It was still nice and cool but a little windy...thankfully she didn't seem to mind at all. She had speech this morning and then school this afternoon and she did great with both! She's been a perfect girl today. Easy going, loving story time, just a darling girl! Tonight I had some cuddle time with her and she was just so precious! I was trying to take a picture of her with my cell phone, when all of a sudden she said something that sounded exactly like Grandma! I think she thought I was face timing Grandma! So needless to say, I had to call Grandma up so she could talk with her! Such a sweet girl!    

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