Monday, May 12, 2014

Crazy tense

Reagan's had an OK day today. She slept well last night but woke up very crunchy and tense...and has been that way pretty much all day today. She's had a few moments where she's relaxed a bit and been super sweet and precious, but most of the time she was tense, with the occasional moan and squealy outburst. She definitely seems to be having some pain. She's overdue for a poo, but the fact that she fussed everytime she had a wet diaper today, led us to suspect a UTI. There have actually been many times in the past when I've suspected a UTI but she never had one. This afternoon I put a cotton ball in her diaper and then tested the urine and it didn't look good. She's got high leukocytes, protein, & pH. Her pediatrician wants us to bring her in tomorrow so they can get a clean specimen to send off. Poor girl. She was even more antsy/fussy tonight. Even oxycodone/Lortab wasn't calming her down much. Her brother was driving her nuts and was getting crazy jealous with all the attention she was getting! At one point, I was sitting on the floor with her on my lap and he came up behind me and put his head on top of mine and hung his arms over my shoulders. Pretty pathetic! Reagan had to be held though because she was really gnawing at that hand! We had to hold her in a position where she had no access to it! And she is so crazy strong, we were wrestling her all night long! I'm hoping and praying she'll be able to get some sleep tonight, she's just been so restless and there are some serious storms outside, hopefully the thunder doesn't wake her!

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