Monday, May 5, 2014

Better than expected

So it was another all nighter for miss Reagan. She was in her chair (because she flipped out when Mike tried to put her in her bed) but at least she was calm and quiet all night. This morning she was surprisingly calm...even a little smiley. However, that quickly changed when the nurse got here! I don't know what it was, but something set her off and she started crying. After that she was very much on edge the rest of the morning. We gave her something to take the edge off and she did doze a little. When she woke up, she was better. She seemed fine the rest of the afternoon, so much so, we even allowed her teacher and the speech therapist from the school to come. They reported that she did well, so I'm glad they came. When Daddy got home, he and Ryan jumped in the pool and Reagan finally got to try out her newly hung swing! She was great tonight and even dozed off on her own (and was OUT)...I think someone is finally going to get some sleep tonight! Tomorrow is Day 11, so I have no idea what to expect. The last several days have been uncharacteristically tense, so I'd like to think that maybe we're done with the bad, but who knows. Please continue to keep her in your prayers! (Also please keep praying for Abilgail! She's in my constant thoughts and prayers. This little girl is SO much like Reagan. She has the good/bad days, the movements, the nausea...I SO feel for this family! Abigain had a really rough night last night. She is having a bad streak right now, and nothing seems to be helping her! She recieved 18 blood products with her hemmorhaging, so they're really just trying to get her stable and hopefully back to her old self very soon! Please pray that she snaps out of this soon!)

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Clarissa said...

Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers Tera!! Praying Reagan has a good night's rest tonight!!