Friday, May 2, 2014

A little tense

It's been a weird day for my girl. Last night she slept but was a little restless. This morning she woke smiling, but tense. She's been very vocal, which at times has escalated to what we'd consider fussing/moaning (but no crying). Something definitely seemed to be bothering her. She's still battling with congestion and wanting to breathe through her nose and multiple times she's gotten hiccups (which might indicate reflux issues). Tonight she was very restless and tense/vocal. I definitely thought she'd escalate but we managed to avoid that. I just hope she's able to get done rest tonight and wake up feeling better tomorrow. Our new nurse starts tomorrow, so I sure hope Reagan behaves herself! Ryan has given me a particularly difficult time today. Very fussy (lots of meltdowns), nose still running like crazy, and now coughing a bit too! He's been a handful. Taking off for the pool in the backyard (definitely time for a pool fence) and the street when he's in the front yard! Ugh. Today I was loading the dishwasher and he was playing nearby jn the kitchen. I looked over and there he was sitting in his highchair! No idea how he managed to climb up and into that?!?! And several days ago he was contemplating climbing out of his crib! We were able to get his attention thru the monitor and he stopped, but boy oh boy are we going to be in trouble when he figures that out! And have I mentioned the hitting? Oh yeah, he loves to hit me, his sister, and unsuspecting kids at gymboree in the face! No idea how to stop that! Apparently it's something he only does around me, because his teachers say he doesn't do it at school (thank God)! 
Please continue to keep Abigail in your prayers! 

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