Monday, April 7, 2014

Wrong way

Today has taken a turn in the wrong direction. We kinda saw it last night with the increased agitation, but we were hoping it wouldn't hold up! Reagan did not sleep much last night. She'd doze and then kick (in her chair), doze and then kick. Today she's definitely been more tense. Lots more chorea and extension. Her nurse even said it sounded like she had some junk in her upper lung (which is always clear)! We canceled all therapies because she just wasn't up for them. We kept hoping she'd doze off (she looked SO tired) and we even gave her clonidine and Oxycidone, but nothing helped her fall asleep. The clonidine loosened her up a little but she never dozed once! Tonight she was still very kicky but with a hint of a laugh. No chance of sleep tonight! It's just one of those nights! Brother did make it in to school today (his second day) and he did really well despite a runny nose. He did fall asleep around 12:20 and school's not over til 1, but he almost made it! That did mess up his sleep schedule though and he took a long nap late afternoon but still went to bed at a regular hour! Hopefully he sleeps tonight!

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Clarissa said...

:( not good! hoping she slept better last night! Praying for your girl!