Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tubes for brother

Reagan had a pretty good day today. She's been sweet, but still very crunchy. She had PT this morning and did well with that. Then this afternoon she looked like she was going to fall asleep right before OT, so we canceled! Well, I think she was just playing possum because she woke up and then was awake the rest of the afternoon! Turkey! I think she was just faking us out! Ryan had a crazy day! He woke up with throw up down the side of his crib, but otherwise seemed fine! He had his appt with the ENT to get his hearing checked. His ears had fluid in them (despite finishing up a full course of antibiotics less than a week ago), he failed his hearing test, & they scheduled for him to get tubes next Thursday! I'm definitely nervous about him having any procedure done, but if this is the cause of his speech delay, then we really need to get it fixed ASAP! This afternoon he had his first speech therapy visit. Reagan's speech therapist has been approved to see Ryan 3x a week because of his recurrent ear infections! He did great and I even heard a few new words! Hopefully between the tubes, starting school, & speech therapy Ryan will get back on track quickly! Tonight he really kicked the fussing into full force, which was starting to annoy his sister! Something tells me it's going to be a long night!

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charity said...

tubes helped my daughter. ill be praying for him and hopefully he wont be getting ear infections anymore when he gets his tubes