Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sweet and laid back

Reagan slept well last night and even slept in a bit this morning! She's been SO sweet and smiley today! Yesterday she was good too, but still with a tinge of sensitivity, a few times she seemed like she might get too excited and freak out (but she never did)! Today she was definitely more laid back, but the hands are still constantly in her mouth! That poor left hand is SO shriveled and waterlogged! We've been doing our best to keep it out of her mouth, but it's a struggle (and she's just so strong)!!! She sure is darling though so we'll forgive her! She's been very congested, but still no drainage! Maybe her allergies are aggravated from being outside so much yesterday?!?! Today Grandma and I spent most of the day in the yard planting! We relocated a few rose bushes (that we hope will survive the transfer) and put in a bunch of new flowering plants that should help attract hummingbirds and butterflies! Grandma is the one with the green thumb, so hopefully I can keep the plants alive once she leaves! This afternoon Daddy and Reagan took a little spill on our staircase! Thankfully they were on the second to last step and no one was hurt, but it was very scary (we've all slipped on that step before, not sure what we can do about that))!! Tonight Reagan got in a good bath with Grandma! She actually gets in the tub with her (in her bathing suit) so Reagan can float around! She loves it! Hoping my clean girl sleeps well tonight!
Brother admiring our yard work!

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