Thursday, April 24, 2014

Still good!

Reagan woke up me up around 1:30am last night, fussing, tossing, & turning! She was getting increasingly agitated and sticking her tongue out almost as if she were nauseous, but her eyes were still closed. I decided to try a dose of Lortab and Zofran. It definitely did the trick...she was sleeping soundly shortly thereafter! She slept in a little this morning (we had no idea what to expect), but thankfully she woke up a happy smiley girl!!! She's had a busy day of therapy...Speech, PT, & OT...and she did great with them all! She's been so "into" her hand lately (in the mouth), her speech therapist is trying to give her lots of oral stimulation as well as sensory input with her hand to see if we can lessen the constant jamming her fingers down her throat! She's been a little spitty today, so we're keeping a close eye on her! Tonight Grandpa watched both kiddos so we could go to Bible study...thankfully they both behaved! Hoping everyone gets some sleep tonight!

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