Monday, March 31, 2014

Sleepy girl

Today was a sleepy day for my girl! She slept and slept and slept! She woke up at one point this afternoon and fell back asleep immediately. Then she woke up again just in time for school. It was a strange awake though. She was VERY crunchy and constantly up in her hair and half the time she'd have her eyes closed and the other half they'd be wide open! It was hard to tell what she was up to! The teacher and the speech therapist from school did their best, but it wasn't the most productive day for learning! She was awake the rest of the night (but still very crunchy) until she dozed off in my arms around 10pm. So sweet! Love this girl! And by the way, thank you for your prayers! Ryan had a great first day at school. He only got upset and started crying once, but that was when another kid (who had a late drop off) started crying! But he calmed down quickly and seemed to have a great day! Hopefully Wednesday goes as well, now that he realizes I'm actually leaving him at this place! Keep those prayers coming! We're hoping he thrives in this environment!

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