Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Rolly polly

Reagan was restless again last night. She was not falling to sleep on her own, so I gave her a dose of clonidine around 11pm. She eventually dozed off but was very squirmy again last night. She woke up early this morning, but she was smiley and happy so all was good. We had a new nurse orienting today so she got double the attention! She had OT in the morning and speech at noon and even ate some "peach cobbler" (baby food)! She had a good day but definitely showing some signs of things being a bit off! Temperature regulation is WAY off! Her hands and feet are cold and clammy and she's sweating her back wet over and over again! Tonight she enjoyed rolling around on the floor in the living room, she got a lot of exercise (kept rolling over into her tummy and getting stuck) and it kept her back from over heating! Tonight, right before bed, she was getting a little goofy (on edge) and sticking her tongue out. Clonidine helped settle her down and she eventually dozed off in my arms. Sweet girl! I hope she can get some sleep tonight!

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