Sunday, April 20, 2014

On the road again

Reagan was restless last night. She was fighting falling asleep big time! Mike eventually got her to doze off, but I'm not sure how well she actually slept! This morning she was up and at em early. When I got up, she was watching Sunday morning political shows with Daddy. Today we made our second road trip in two days...this time it was to Houston! It was an hour longer than our drive yesterday and it felt like eternity! Ryan was more difficult this time around and I found myself playing referee as he tried to take his frustrations out on his sister! Reagan was such a good girl and quite the traveler! Ryan had fun running a muck but still doesn't have the hang of hunting Easter eggs! I told him to pick up an egg and put it in the basket, he carried it over to his basket ball goal and  tossed it in! Not quite right, but it was a basket! We're all exhausted tonight and my girl is looking restless once more! Please keep it in your prayers that she can get some sleep tonight! 

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