Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Laughy awake girl and miserable boy

Reagan was up all night last night! I honestly don't think she fell asleep once! Thankfully she was good and kicked around in her chair all night. Her brother, on the other hand, was not so good and woke up crying at 5:45am and we've been up ever since! Around 7am I got a call from Reagan's nurse (never a good thing to get a call from a nurse or nursing agency in the morning) to say she was sick and not coming in today! Of course we have no back up nurses, but thankfully my dad was able to come over and lend a hand with her very needy brother! So other than not sleeping, having 5 poos, and two fairly big throw ups today...Reagan had a decent day! She had the crazy laughs, so that's always a good time. She also had a appt with her genetic & metabolic specialist and she couldn't have been better for that! My step mother came along with me to help, but Reagan was as good as gold!  Unfortunately the same cannot be said about her brother! He definitely seems worse today than previous days (a close second to Saturday, his most miserable day). His nose is an all time maximum runny, he's got a nasty cough, and a low grade 99-100 fever. And to top it off, he's just all around miserable! Super needy, super whiney, weak...poor thing! Please keep it in your prayers that he somehow turns this around and feels better by tomorrow! We really don't want this interfering with his ear tube surgery on Thursday! Also, please keep it in your prayers that Reagan gets some sleep and avoids any more nausea! I sense a sleepy day coming on!

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