Monday, April 21, 2014

Just another sleepy Monday

Reagan had a sleepy day today! This was a typical time that she wound have a sleepy day, but I'm sure our jam packed weekend contributed a little! This is actually her second sleepy Monday in a row (last Monday was an out of the ordinary sleepy day). But today her being a sleepy day was no surprise. She was a little restless the night before, but she slept nonetheless. She did wake up for a bit this morning, but only an hour or so, long enough to get her clothes and diaper changed! Poor girl, she needed her rest! Tonight she did wake up for a bit, but it was more me waking her up! She was very restless and moaning a lot in her sleep, so finally I just picked her up and forced her to wake up for a bit. She eventually fell back to sleep on her own but she still seems very restless! Hope she gets some sleep tonight!

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