Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Good girl...Thursday's the big day!

Reagan had a good day today! She slept well last night, did well in all of her therapies, and even tolerated her brother's fussing just fine! Sweet and smiley...a little tense in her body still but that makes for great head control! We were nurseless again, so thank God for my dad coming over again to help with Ryan. He's still fussy/sick...still getting over an ear infection and the flu (and his ears still seem to be bothering him)! But tomorrow is the big day...ear tubes and possible adenoid removal! Please keep it in your prayers that everything goes smoothly and that he has a quick recovery! We have to be there by 6am, so I'm guessing he's gonna be the first case. Hopefully they'll still be willing to do it in spite of his congestion and runny nose!
Spunky this morning!

Little nap after speech!

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