Thursday, April 17, 2014

Getting there

Reagan slept well last night. Her brother, not so much! I'm not sure what was up with him, but he woke up crying at 4am and we made the bad decision to put him in bed with us. He's awful to sleep with, tossing and turning, kicking and elbowing, no one got much sleep! Reagan woke up kicking the side of her bed, but otherwise content. She's had a pretty decent day, for day 2 of a bad streak. She's been pretty serious, no fussing or smiling, with the occasional straight faced super sonic high pitched squeal! Lots of chorea, especially in her legs. Still a little chokey and definitely stressed, but not too bad overall. She even tolerated PT and OT. Hoping tomorrow will be even better and that she'll be back to normal by Saturday (we're supposed to go to a birthday party Saturday at Morgan's wonderland)! 

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