Friday, April 4, 2014


Reagan had a bit of a restless night. I woke at 4am and heard her moving around. I got up and went in her room, at first she still had her eyes half closed, but after a few minutes she started waking up. She was getting a little antsy and I was worried about leaving her awake & lying down after her nausea last night! I decided to put her in her chair and then I laid beside her til 5am so that I could give her another dose of Zofran! She was still groggy but awake when I finally got back to bed. I'm not sure if she ever fell back asleep! This morning and all day today, she's been very loose and relaxed in her body, but still a little sensitive to stimuli and spitty! She did still have a fever this morning, so we decided to get both her and her brother in to the pediatrician this afternoon! It was strep tests & flu swabs for everyone! The only positive result (which is not positive at all) was that Ryan has the FLU! Flu B to be exact. Well that explains him spiking a fever this afternoon, refusing to eat and drink all day, and his overall whiny/neediness today! Poor thing! We've got Reagan quarantined upstairs in her therapy room (and taking a preventative course of Tamiflu) and Ryan downstairs. He fell asleep in the car on the way home from the pharmacy and I transferred him to the bed in the spare bedroom...where he's been ever since! Very unlike him! Not sure I'll be able to get him to wake up and drink something (and he's refused to take his antibiotic for his ear all day)! Prayers for our sick boy, our girl who's headed in the wrong direction, and us to remain uninfected are greatly appreciated! 

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Prayers for a speedy recovery for your kiddos and magic mommy immunity for you!!