Friday, April 11, 2014

Darling girl, limping boy

Reagan had a good day today! She slept well (I think) and was up and at em by 7:30am. She's been sweet and smiley, but still battling the hand in the hair/hand in the mouth!! She's been very nasal/congested but no drainage except from one big sneeze! She did wonderful with therapy and school today and she was very vocal, but it seemed very purposeful!  Ryan has been fine, less coughing but still has a lot of greenish drainage from his nose! He also was randomly limping this morning. We have no clue why, but it seemed to go away after a couple of hours (although tonight he was kinda doing it again). I managed to get his antibiotic into him by dividing it into 4 different cups of carrot apple juice (1ml in each 6oz cup). This is not optimal, as he really needs to take it all at once, but we'll take what we can get! Hoping for a relaxing weekend with Grandma...both kids should be thrilled to see her as its been three weeks since her last visit!
A little nap this morning between therapies!

Playing with the speech therapist's shoes...

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