Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Brutal night

Reagan slept well last night, she was restless but at least she slept! Unfortunately, she was the only one that got any sleep last night! Ryan started running a fever and became inconsolable! He refused to drink his juice (with pain reliever in it) and he was a burning up, restless mess all night! Since he was in our bed, none of us got any sleep whatsoever! He'd doze off for a bit, but would wake up crying every 20min or so! Poor thing! Turns out, he has yet another ear infection (in both ears)! I guess this is validation that he does in fact need those tubes! So...he's back on antibiotics which should hold him til his tubes are placed next week. Reagan has been a sweet smiley girl today! She's still very crunchy and easily excitable at times (she freaked out a bit at the beginning of OT), but otherwise good. She's doing well in her wheelchair or beanbag chair, but not so much in the special tomato chair today (it's too easy for her to crunch up in a ball in it)! She had speech and school this afternoon and her teacher was very impressed! Ryan missed his second day of school today so we were pretty bummed about that! He's been very up and down all day...he seems perfectly fine and happy one second and then he's a crying mess the next! He's also not wanting to eat anything (talk about a struggle)!! He didn't take much of a nap this afternoon, and tonight he's already been up crying once, so please say some prayers that he (and everyone) can get some rest! 

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Heather said...

Poor little guy. Hoping and praying the antibiotics kick in soon and that once the tubes are placed,all will be well!