Monday, April 28, 2014

Bad? Not this girl!

Reagan slept well last night and woke up this morning feeling even a little better than the day before. Less stressed (although still a bit tense), but not bad for day 3 of bad days! You really couldn't even consider it a bad day! She had speech and school and did really well with both! She was very visually attentive and did well with making choices! She had the occasional kooky squeal, but it never led to anything else so all was good. The day was a little bittersweet as it was her Monday nurse's last day. She's been with us off and on since we moved to Austin, but she didn't really want to work weekends anymore and the only way they could find a new nurse was to give them Sat-Mon! Hopefully we'll still see her from time to time, as she'd be a great nurse to fill in (if available) since she already knows Reagan so well! There was drama today but it wasn't from was from Ryan! He definitely gave us a bit of a scare! His school called me about 45min before his usual pick up time and said he didn't seem to be feeling well and was pulling at his ear and blood was draining out! Well that scared the you know what out of us! So when we picked him up we drove straight to the pediatrician's office and waited for them to open back up after lunch. They looked in his ear and just said that it just looks like drainage (probably due to his allergy congestion all weekend) that had picked up some of the old dried blood in his ear and made it look like fresh blood! Just to be on the safe side, we're going to start the antibiotic drops he used after surgery again and then he's got his ENT follow-up next week so they will check it again then! Never a dull moment. On a positive note, he didn't freak out at the drs office when she looked in his ears (that's a HUGE improvement). He's definitely been "talking" and singing a lot more lately and most of what he's saying resembles real words. He sings his favorite Twinkle twinkle little star a lot, but also Old Macdonald and Wheels on the Bus (although with those the tune is perfect but the words are a bit fuzzy). Friday the speech therapist was reading him Brown Bear, Brown Bear and he really enjoyed it and was even repeating "Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see" (or something very close to that)! He also said teacher, another word I've never heard him use. Definite improvements all around, but he's still struggling with frustration and fussiness from not being able to communicate his needs, hopefully that will come very soon (for everyone's sake)!!
Please continue to keep sweet Abigail in your prayers! She's undergoing another procedure today. Praying they can get her stable and that she can come off all of the support without any issues! Such a fighter!

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