Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bad days

Reagan slept well last night. Her pump started going off at 1:30am (she had squirmed around in her bed and kinked her tubing), but she never even woke up! When she did wake up this morning, she was much more serious, there was definite tension in her body, and no sign of a smile. It was Day 11, and we were expecting the worst, so I was actually pleased that she was still OK. Grandma got here around 8:30am and Reagan was good for maybe another hour or so...then the bad days began! Alternating clonidine and Lortab/oxycodone definitely seemed to help, but there were definite breakthrough periods where she'd cry and cry! Poor girl. She sounds a little congested today too...Ryan and I have both been miserable with our allergies, so hopefully her won't be as bad,  I'm hoping she'll sleep tonight and wake up much improved tomorrow. Today just hasn't been a good day. I'm having a bit of a pity party for myself (and Reagan) as well. Bad days certainly have a way of bringing out the frustration, that and hearing that our little friend Abigail is in the hospital in ICU! It's just so scary! Please keep her in your prayers...she lost a lot of blood, but they think they found what was causing it and they have her stabilized, but she's still intubated and in very serious condition!!

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