Tuesday, April 29, 2014

All good

Reagan slept OK last night. She was a little restless and she was up pretty early this morning, but otherwise fine. She has been SO sweet and smiley today! This morning she had vision therapy, OT, and PT and did great with everything! Then it was her turn to go see the ENT. Her last hearing text was in 2008, so yeah, it's about time! The doctor looked in her ears and needed to clear out some of the wax so he could see everything clearly (she gets a lot of wax in her ears...I had the same problem as a kid). Anyway, she was SO good (if only Ryan could be half as good)! We had to put her on a table and he used a microscope to see what he was doing (which we could then watch on a tv screen), and he went in and removed all of the wax! She was perfect the entire time! Then we took her down the hall for two different hearing tests, both of which were inconclusive. We decided the best way to check her hearing is going to be another ABR, the procedure she had done years ago but this time she'll have to be sedated. Since we don't like to put her under anesthesia for just anything, we're trying to see if we can coordinate it with an MRI her neurologist wants her to have done (it has also been years since she's had an MRI). So sometime over the next couple of months, she'll have those done. No rush. I'm in no hurry to put her under anytime soon! (She was actually scheduled to have the MRI done next week...this will allow us to push it back even further!) Ryan has been fine all day...no more ear drama! Hoping he straightens up and has a good day at school tomorrow! Definitely enjoying these good days for my girl!

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