Monday, March 24, 2014

Yearly check ups

It's been a bit of a weird day for my girl. She slept OK, but didn't wake up super smiley. She's had some smiles today, but not nearly as smiley as previous days. Her body was very tense this morning, so much she was jittery with tension! This afternoon she was almost completely opposite! Very still, no chorea or movement whatsoever, and floppy! She and Ryan had their yearly check ups at the pediatrician's office and she was very loosey goosey! She's fallen a bit on the growth curve, she's right around 25 percentile for height and weight, while her brother is still holding strong at 99 percentile for height and weight! Nothing else to report from the visit. We still have some concerns about Ryan's speech delay, but we think it will resolve once he starts "school" (half days twice a week) next week! Reagan continued to be very still but tense tonight and she's still having temperature regulation issues...she's definitely "off". Hoping she'll have a quick and mild streak this go round!

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Clarissa said...

oh sweet girl.. and big boy! ;) Abigail wasn't even on the chart for years, but now has been in the 5th precentile since getting a jtube and starting the epi. hoping Reagan is doing good! God bless!