Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Well today was definitely worse than yesterday! As much as we hate to do it, we let Reagan sleep in her chair last night. I think she slept well until right around 4am, I saw her awake and kicking around. I'm not sure if she ever went back to sleep, but she did doze off and on today so maybe that's why. She's had a bit of a rough one today. Periods where she seemed pretty stable and would even give a little laugh or two, but then periods of extreme discomfort where she'd cry and cry like she was in pain! Poor thing! We hate to see her so miserable! She really only had pain/sleep meds this morning and this afternoon she was pretty stable without them. Tonight she even dozed off without any meds, so I'm hoping she'll get some good sleep tonight. We were even able to move her to her bed and change her diaper without her waking up! Sleep well my sweet girl!

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Clarissa said...

hate this! abigail is doing bad too... most of the last 2 weeks have not been great... body temps are messed up, drooling like crazy, tons of movement problems, tense, jumpy, biting, sweating, retching more, vomiting more, and not sleeping well at night! praying for Reagan!