Monday, March 3, 2014

Surprisingly good day

Reagan had a surprisingly good day today! She slept well and woke up around 7am smiling. She's been a lot less tense in her body today, not crunching or pulling at her hair all day (like she's been for the past week or so)! She didn't seem to mind us talking, although she did seem a little sensitive to air blowing on her. Her hands and feet were perfectly warm and dry and she didn't seem to be having any temperature regulation issues whatsoever. She wasn't super smiley, but very content. She had PT very early, then OT, then speech at noon, and then school in the afternoon and she did exceptionally well with them all! The only other issue is she's been showing some signs of nausea. More mouth movements, licking her lips some and sticking her tongue out, subtle signs. She's still congested and having a good amount of sinus drainage, so it's hard to tell how much that is contributing. Tonight it definitely seemed she had some gunk dripping down the back of her throat and it was making her gag (but she never threw up...too bad because that might have cleared it)! So aroind 11pm I gave her a dose of clonidine hoping it would help her doze off and stop gagging...instead it's made her crazy! She got very agitated, startred fussing, and was crunching a lot...but some Lortab and cuddles from Daddy finally settled her down and she fell asleep! Very strange turn of events after a very calm and uneventful day!

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