Friday, March 21, 2014

Still sleepy birthday

I feel awful about falling so far behind in my posts! I've just been crazy busy the last couple of days!! Friday's post is as follows...
Today is Reagan's birthday! She was still a little sleepy today, but she woke up and had a good joint session with her OT & Speech therapist. Her OT is working with her using a laser pointer on her head to follow what she's looking at or "choosing" (you know, since we're still working on getting her the eye gaze)! She was awake for a bit but then passed out again toward the end of the session! Such a sweet sleepy girl! When she was awake today, she was very smiley but also very crunchy (hands in the hair crunching in a ball nonstop)! But such apeaceful sleeper!! Hoping she is awake and happy for the party tomorrow!! 

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Clarissa said...

happy birthday Reagan!