Thursday, March 20, 2014

So sleepy!

Reagan was sleeping soundly last night, or so I thought! I woke up around 7am to find her in bed kicking around and completely soaked! Her extension tube had popped out of her tummy and her pump was just feeding her bed all night long! Poor thing! She was drenched and cold...but still smiling! I changed her and we snuggled with her for a bit and she seemed to settle down and relax a bit. She was a sweetie all morning but stated getting sleepy during OT and by 10:30am, she was OUT! She snoozed the entire day away! I guess two days of nonstop laughing really wore her out! Finally around 8pm she woke up and was a sweet smiley girl, albeit a little crunchy/kicky' she wasn't awake for long though and after a diaper change she was back out again and ready for bed! I knew we were in store for some sleepy days, that's just been herpattern  lately! I'm hoping she'll wake up for her birthday tomorrow! (Or at the very least, the party on Saturday!!)

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