Friday, February 28, 2014

Snorty girl

Reagan slept well last night (although still a bit restless)! She woke up smiley and happy this morning. She had OT & PT today, followed by a trip to get fitted for and pick up her new AFOs! They look a little different than her old ones, so hopefully they will work better for her! She is still very crunchy, with her hands tangled up in her hair at all times! She's also still very congested! We resorted to saline and nose suctioning today, which helped a little to get it breaking loose, but she insists on breathing through her nose so she sounds like a snoring old man! She has brother to thank for this (he's still coughy & snorty!) I'm so ready to be done with these persistent colds/"allergies"! Hoping for a nice relaxing week is going to be a long one with a 24hr EEG scheduled Thurs/Fri!

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