Thursday, March 13, 2014

Smiley but tense

Reagan slept well last night and woke smiling once again! She's been a darling again today! Still super cold and clammy hands and feet...and super sweaty back! And seriously long stringy boogies! Poor girl, she and her brother still have runny noses! Her body is tense to the point of being shaky with clonus at times (and she is definitely sensitive to sounds and air), but her mood has been great! There are definite signs that things are "off", but hoping we can stay on top of it and prevent any drastic decline! Please keep our girl in your prayers!
Brother at the park! He's fearless on the slides but is terrified of swinging now! 

1 comment:

Heather said...

I cannot believe what a big kid he is becoming!

Hoping and praying today is a decent day for your girl.