Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Smiley and sweet

Reagan slept well last night but she was a little restless. She's been slightly tense today, but she's done well with her therapies. Temperature regulation has definitely been off...her feet have been crazy cold and clammy, while her back has been super hot and sweaty! She's still smiling from ear to ear though, so that's great! The weather today was nice but a little windy, so we took Reagan and Ryan for a walk to the park and just put Reagan's wind/rain canopy on (that kept the cold breezes out)! She seemed to enjoy it and it was nice to get out! She and her brother are both still very congested, so it looks like another night of Vicks vaposteam from them both! I did hear back from the GI doctor about the results of her HIDA scan...normal! In this case normal isn't necessarily good, it almost would have been a relief to have her gallbladder be at the root of all of her pain/nausea for the last 4 yrs (because then you can just remove it and proem solved)! So it's looking more and more like CVS (cyclic vomiting syndrome), for which there's really no cure. Thankfully she does seem to be showing a little improvement with our early intervention, so maybe that's the key? Hoping we continue to see improvement in my girl (especially for her birthday and party next week/weekend)!

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Heather said...

We will pray for happy and healthy for brother and your birthday bash. Just has to be so.

You do look content and sweet. I just wish these days could stick around longer. We won't stop praying for that.