Friday, March 14, 2014

Ridiculously calm and sweet

Reagan slept well (I think), but this morning she was already wide awake but so still I couldn't even tell she was awake until I went in her room! She was actually ridiculously still all day today! This is very unexpected when you consider the last several days she was getting more and more tense by the day! She was still a little sensitive, she'd flinch and close her eyes if you made any sudden moves or blew any air on her! We did take her for a walk to the park (with her brother) and despite not being a fan of the wind, she seemed to enjoy it overall. It was so nice to see her SO relaxed and still. With her almost constant chorea, it's a rare occurrence! We were definitely maxed out on sweetness today!

Love this pic! The flash came on and made her flinch but look at this cuteness!

Sooooooo still! 

A baby squirrel that we saved from neighborhood cats today and took to a wildlife rescue! 

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Diane said...

Oh Reagan does look so peaceful and kicked back.. So glad she got a terrific day with a chilled out body! That was a great picture of her , so sweet! Squirrel is pretty cute too! :-) Years ago I saved a bunch of blue jay babies.. fed them wet dog food until we could take them to the nature preserve.. I did get mites from them though so have been grateful not to see any baby animals needing rescue since! LOL