Sunday, March 2, 2014

On edge and brother turns 2!

My girl slept well last night, snoring it up in her humid room (with her vaporizer running full steam). Her nose wasn't as runny today but she's still super congested! She's also still very tense. She was super crunchy all morning, but she did loosen up a bit with the help of some oxycodone and a warm bath. Tonight she was on edge again with brother's noise and commotion, and then our (my) talking lead her to tears! Thankfully Daddy was able to console her. There are definite signs that she's headed in the wrong direction (so we're starting the round the clock Zofran & oxycodone as needed). Please keep her in your prayers! Today was Ryan's second birthday! He didn't have the best day (crying at church, several meltdowns at home, & trapped inside because of the cold weather), but he cheered up with a bath, bubbles, & sugar! Such a sweet boy! We're having a joint party with sister in a couple of weeks...Cat in the Hat themed (which is fitting since Ryan & Dr Seuss have the same birthday)! Both Reagan and Ryan love watching The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That on PBS!

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The Grandma said...

Happy Birthday to Grandma's sweetest boy EVER! I love you RYAN! PS....., I love you too my Princess! :)