Friday, March 7, 2014

Home at last

We're home! I won't lie, it was a rough night (with EEG technicians coming in time and time again to fix loose electrodes)...but even with the noise of the compressed air, my girl continued to sleep! So that was a very good thing! She woke up just before 7 and was raring to go again. Very kicky and tense, but OK. These are definitely not "good days", but they are a far cry from the bad days she was experiencing just a month ago! So maybe things are finally working? Maybe we're headed in the right direction? I certainly hope so! We got out of the hospital just before noon and came home to chill. It's been an exhausting 24hrs! Reagan never dozed off, but I did! Ryan and I both took a nice long nap this afternoon (I'm a little worried about him because he didn't sleep well last night and was runny nosed all day today)! Reagan's still dealing with the nasty hair gunk! I'm sure we'll be picking it out if her hair for the next week or so! Hoping everyone can get some good sleep tonight...especially my restless little girl (those legs have been moving a hundred miles a minute)! 

Definite tongue action going on today...not sure what that's about! 

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