Thursday, March 27, 2014

Better but nauseous

Reagan slept in her bed last night! She was still asleep when I went in at 3am to give her her Zofran, but when I woke at 4am, she was wide awake and moving around. I moved her to her chair because she seemed nauseous and gave her a dose of clonidine. Thankfully that helped her to doze back off and we all slept in til 7:30am. She woke back up still very nauseous and stayed that way most of the day. Lots of gaggy faces and retching, but thankfully no real throw ups! She'd have periods with tons of chorea  and then periods where she seemed very relaxed and calm. Multiple dirty diapers today so maybe that's partially responsible for the nausea! Tonight she dozed off on her own, so I'm really hooping she'll stay asleep and get some quality sleep in her own bed! Please keep it in your prayers that she gets over this quickly. Such a sweet girl! 

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