Sunday, March 16, 2014

A little better

Today was a little bit better for Reagan. I think she slept okay (in her chair) and even though she was pretty agitated in the morning, she was fairly calm most of the afternoon/night. She still doesn't want to be messed with, doesn't like diaper changes, and is very tense but if you just leave her in her chair and let her be, she's okay. She's definitely spent way too much time in her tomato chair the last couple days so hopefully tomorrow she'll be feeling better and not mind being held or spending time in her beanbag chair! Tonight she seemed a little nauseous, she was doing a lot of tongue movements so we're just keeping the Zofran going around the clock and hoping that she gets over it without any actual nausea or retching! It definitely seems like the early intervention with Zofran and oxycodone is helping (knock on wood)! It's looking like brother might be sick again! He's never really cleared the sinus/cough junk that he's had over the last couple weeks, but this morning he had a throw up at church and then tonight he was fighting sleep again so we checked him for a fever (because he felt hot) and in one ear it was 98.6 and the other 99.5! I'm wondering if maybe he's got another ear infection? Certainly could have been triggered by the constant runny nose and congestion! Please keep it in your prayers that both kiddos get to feeling much better soon!