Thursday, March 6, 2014

24hr EEG

Reagan slept well last night. She dozed off early and was so peaceful, I was afraid to move her so I left her in her tomato chair! She was still asleep this morning when I had to get her up to go to the hospital for her EEG. She was tense but OK (I don't think she appreciated being woken up)! She was very kicky in the car...always a challenge keeping her from banging her foot on something in the car (definitely need more leg room for this long legged girl)! Once we got to the hospital, admitting sent us to the wrong room, but we eventually found our room in the EMU. Everything was very slow going but they finally started putting the leads on around 10:30am. It was a nightmare! Not sure if it was the way they keep the compressed air blowing the entire time, or the fact that we were having to restrain her, but she went CRAZY! Screaming and crying and holding her breath til she turned purple! She's had A LOT of EEGs before and this was by far the worst experience yet! Poor thing! She was sweating so much that the electrodes in the front just would not stay down (and they did an awful job at wrapping it up)! She did calm down afterward and looked like she might doze off, but no! It wasn't until an hour or two later when she was starting to get aggravated again so I gave her clonidine, that's what helped her finally rest a little. When she woke back up we took her into the snoezelen sensory room two doors down! Very neat! We need some of these fiber optic lights at home! The rest of the night was pretty uneventful. Reagan's head was rewrapped for the third time (and was already back off by bedtime)! She fell asleep on her own around 9pm. She's been a little restless but she's still asleep! Hoping she sleeps through the night and we have an uneventful night! (She did push the seizure button once with her toe and had all of the nurses running in thinking she had just had a seizure!) 

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Heather, Zoey's mom said...

Those fiber optic things are so cool!

Hate that she went through so much but its got to be done. I don't miss those days a bit. Often wonder when an updated one will be suggested.

Hoping you are resting. Sleeping hopefully. Prayers for the sweet one.