Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sweet girl

Reagan fell asleep last night on her own and we were able to lay her in her bed despite her horrible nausea. She slept well until 4am or so when she woke up and started making some noise. She dozed back off for a little while, but seemed awake for good by 6am so I moved her to her chair. No signs of nausea this morning, so that was a very good thing. I spoke with her GI doc and he agreed that we should go back up on her nortriptyline dose (to try to stop some of this awful nausea)! Hopefully it helps! This morning Reagan had an early session of OT that went really well, but then she dozed off for a bit. Vision therapy and PT came at 11am. She was still asleep but PT got some good stretches in and Reagan did eventually wake up! Then we headed in for her swallow study. She was really crunchy again today, so they had to tie a sheet around her under her arms just to keep her upright. She did not do well with any of the liquids, there was some aspiration, but she handled purées well. Then we came home and she took a nice long nap! Tonight she was awake and snuggly. Love this girl!! 

My crunchy girl (hands knotted in her hair at all times)!

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Heather said...

I love her too. Can you believe these girls are going to be 7 next month? Crazy.

I hope everyone rests well tonight from your long day. Wish you could sneak in a nap one of these days too!