Saturday, February 1, 2014

So much worse!

To say that it's been a bad day for Reagan is a huge understatement (as I'm sure her nurse would be happy to attest)! I wasn't sure where she was headed and if we should attempt taking her to Houston for the walkathon, but after last night, the answer was crystal clear! Reagan woke up crying around 2am and then has been crying on and off (mostly on) ever since! There was a small period this morning when her nurse first got here where it seemed like she was feeling a little better. But an hour or two after we left, she started crying and then didn't stop! She's been on round the clock alternating doses of clonidine and Lortab and sometimes they help a little and sometimes they do nothing at all! It's just SO frustrating! We felt awful leaving our nurse behind with her, but we had a whole team of walkers waiting for us in Houston for the 2014 UMDF Energy for Life Houston walkathon! It was a long day of driving, but I'm so glad we were able to make it to see all of our Houston friends and family and help raise money and awareness for mitochondrial disease in honor of our beautiful girl! Praying that somehow, someway she can get some rest tonight and feel better ASAP!

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Anonymous said...

so sorry she didn't make the walk! Praying for much better days for Reagan! Loved all the pictures!, meghan