Sunday, February 2, 2014

Off and on

Sorry, I'm slacking in the blog department! Here's Sunday's post...
Reagan didn't sleep much last night. It's been another long day for my girl. This morning it seemed maybe she had turned a corner, she was even giving us some laughs! But right around noon or so, she started freaking out again! Very agitated, inconsolable crying. We tried everything we could think of, but she wasn't getting any better. She'd doze off here and there but her body was definitely fighting against her. And she was swiping at her face/nose nonstop! Finally her nurse put on her arm restraint again and it seemed to settle her down a little (I don't think she can control herself...she doesn't WANT to rub her nose raw, she just can't stop)! And she was bitey yesterday so she's got several marks on her left arm from those teeth! She settled down again and we even brought her down to watch the Super Bowl! But again, as time went on, she started getting agitated! I took her back upstairs and tried to get her to settle down and go to sleep. I gave her clonidine, and if anything, she got more agitated! Mike came up and held her cradled on her bean bag chair and she finally fell asleep! She did wake back up again, but I was able to cradle her and get her back to sleep. She's out right now so hopefully she stays that way...she SO needs it! 

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Leah said...

I am fairly new to your blog and was wondering if you use it as more of a diary for yourself to keep record of what she is doing or if it is intended to be a blog for others. It seems that the only things you blog about are how much she sleeps (or doesn't), whether or not she is nauseous that day, etc.... She is a beautiful girl and I am sure there is so much more to her story. I would love to hear more about her day/family/etc.... I know---I should just stop reading it if I don't like it. Just thought you might want to know what others are thinking. I click on your blog and jokingly say to myself is it going to be about sleep, being nauseous, what's in her diaper or bad day vs good day. I am sure there is so much more to your darling girl's life than that.