Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Laughy sweet girl

Reagan slept in her chair last night beside our bed (just in case she got nauseous). When we first put her in it she started freaking out! Turns out it was positioned right under the A/C vent and apparently she was very sensitive to that! She was very restless but she did sleep off and on. Then around 7am the laughs started and they continued all day long! These were good laughs...albeit a little crazy at times! The only kink in her day was the nausea. She had a couple big throw ups during the day, but thankfully none tonight (although she was still a bit spitty/chokey)! She was super snuggly though so that was nice! Right as we tried to lay her down, she did get a burst of crazy energy and we were afraid she might freak out and not sleep, but she did eventually settle down and doze off! Sweet dreams my sweet girl! 

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