Friday, February 14, 2014


It's been another chorea filled, nauseous, laughy day! Sleep wasn't happening again last night. I'm pretty sure she didn't sleep most of the night. She was having so much chorea, she was also super swipey with her hand, so I had to pin it down to keep her from rubbing her face off! And then the crazy laughs started and went on most of the day! She wasn't super nauseous in the morning, and laughing seemed to keep her mind off of it, but as the day went on, the laughing decreased and the nausea increased substantially! She was very spitty and was having a hard time managing it! She suffered through PT, speech, & OT but not much was accomplished in any of the therapies. Just an all around stressful day (for everybody). She's also holding her pee again! Only one wet diaper all day and that was the one she had first thing in the morning! Tonight it wasn't looking good for sleep but she just dozed off so we're praying she stays asleep! Hoping for a good/sleepy day tomorrow (with NO MORE nausea)!

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