Saturday, February 8, 2014

Good day but change is in the air

It was a good day again for my girl. She was up early, no idea what's going on with that. She was wide awake do we squeezed in an early session of OT. She did great (a while session with the eyegaze device)! Then she had speech at noon...she did great with that as well! She's been super smiley and wonderful again today! Tonight I could sense a little tension. Just a little sensitive...I can't really out my finger on it. She fell asleep with clonidine, but coughed a little as Mike was carrying her to bed. She started coughing again an hour or so later and even fussed/whined a little. I'm a little worried about her having nausea/reflux issues since we're stoping her Nexium until the endoscopy. Not sure how this is going to pan out. Please say some extra prayers for my girl! That she can fall asleep (and stay asleep) and that she continues to have good days and, God willing, get all of these procedures out of the way on Monday! 

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Anonymous said...

Ryan looks almost as big as his sister in the last pic! They're both adorable.