Saturday, February 22, 2014

Good and bad

Reagan slept well last night. Ryan was up by 6am, but what can you do, we've been up ever since! Reagan has had some good and bad moments today. She's had some congestion in her nose, I'm hoping she's not catching Ryan's junk! She's really hated being messed with...diaper & clothing changes sent her over the edge every time (and I mean crying and holding her breath til she turned purple)! But the oxycodone has done a decent job in controlling her pain and helping her to rest. And having Grandma here has been helpful as well! She read to her until she fell sweet! Ryan was enjoying his time with Grandma as well! He went for a walk to the park and jumped on her bed until he couldn't jump anymore! Hopefully everyone gets a good nights rest tonight! 


Heather, Zoey's mom said...

Say hi to grandma please. And hoping Reagan sleeps and that you all have a good day together tomorrow. That little Ryan is such a stink'n cutie!

Heather, Zoey's mom said...

My link to my blog didn't come up. Ill try again. Not sure I am loving Wordpress. But I am trying. At least I am back to blogging. That should account for something.