Sunday, February 16, 2014


It was an awful night last night! Reagan was super nauseous (but no actual throw ups) and unable to go to sleep yet again! She was so tense and so agitated, she kept rubbing at her face, but when we tried to restrain her she really freaked out. What made matters worse...we're still nurseless on Saturdays! Poor Reagan was so chokey and tense...her resting heart rate was in the 160's (and that's without a lot of chorea). It was awful! She would doze off and on but usually only when being held! But each time she would wake up just as stressed and just as gaggy as before! And another major pee! Her last wet diaper was from the night before the last! That's over 36hrs without a single pee! I tried everything, but she wasn't budging! Finally, she dozed off tonight and seemed to be more calm (I even got a smile)! I moved her to her bed and just as I laid her down I noticed she finally peed (and leaked thru her pants onto her bed of course)!! I've never been so happy to see a pee!!! Praying for restful sleep and upcoming good days for my girl!! 

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