Monday, February 10, 2014

Endoscopy, Sigmoidoscopy, Impedance study/pH probe...check, check, and check!

So Reagan slept "fairly" well last night! And when she did wake up, she wasn't fussing, just kicking a lot and turning sideways in her chair (which required me to jump up from bed and straighten her out). I got my hopes up that she might actually wake up OK. Unfortunately that didn't happen...but fortunately she did calm down enough for us to consider going through with the tests. I spoke with her GI doc who said he would defer to my judgement, but that a day like today (off/bad day) would be perfect for them to get in there and see what's going on with her. We decided to go through with it and braved the cold/wind (and no handicap parking spaces or valet). Reagan was not a fan of the cold air, but I dropped her and the nurse off right in front of the door, so she didn't have much exposure (boy do I miss the underground parking garages and valet in Houston)! We finally found the surgery waiting room after taking the wrong elevators and having to back track. They took us back fairly quickly but then we had a while to wait. We had to be there by 11, but they didn't take her back until 1pm. They let us go back with her until she fell asleep with bubble gum gas (keeping her eyes open even after falling asleep...little creepy). Her nurse and I went up to the coffee shop on the next floor when I got a page on my pager! I took off running and eventually made my way back with my heart racing (thinking there must have been a problem with anesthesia). Turns out, one of the procedures was missing from the paperwork I had signed, so they just had to add it and get my initials! Way to give me a heart attack people! Everything went smoothly. They called us back to talk with the doctor (where they kept us waiting a little too long making me nervous once more), but he came back and said everything went well. There was one area of redness (3 red spots all next to each other) that he said "may" be a source of some discomfort. He also said there was a narrowing or potential stricture in an area, but he thinks that it would have already shown up in previous testing if that were the case. He also said there's a little irritation around her gj tube balloon and it may be worth trying a different brand of gj-tube (she has a Mickey right now). Anyway, the rest we won't know until the results of the biopsies come back and we turn in the ph probe box and they analyze that data. She was awake and fussing when we finally got back there (very unusual for her to wake up so quickly from anesthesia). She was not happy with the tube down her nose/throat (which has to stay in 24-48hrs). She was better once we got her disconnected from some of the monitoring devices/IV and back into her chair...but still NOT happy about that tube! She was not sleepy after the procedure/anesthesia like we were hoping for so we've had to keep her left arm (the more accurate/active of the two) in a restraint ever since. Not sure how she's going to sleep tonight but she's dozing off right now! Hoping she can make the transition to her bed and get some decent rest tonight (without pulling out the probe)! Thank you for keeping our girl in your prayers!

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Heather said...

Hoping you all found rest tonight. I will check in tomorrow sometime.