Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cuddly and sweet

Reagan had a good day today. Sleep was OK. I woke up at 2am and found her completely sideways in bed! I straightened her out and tucked her back in and she went back to sleep. She woke another time or two but then slept in til 9am this morning. She woke up laughy and sweet! Still a little kooky and definitely not a fan of us talking (and very congested), but otherwise good (and no nausea)! She had OT, speech, & school today and did really well with them all! Tonight she was so cuddly and sweet! Love this girl!

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Clarissa said...

cutie! glad she is doing okay! will be praying!
p.s. in response to the comment on Abigail's CB, my home birth midwife has told me about the placenta caps, but I've never tried it. She says its very good for you... but I'm a little grossed out (lol).