Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Chorea and nausea...bad combination

Reagan did not sleep last night. She dozed off for just a bit with the help of clonidine, but I think that was about it for sleep. Lots of chorea last night and today. Very tense. I definitely think she wanted that stupid tube out, but she did not really calm down after removing it at 10:30am. She did however do well with a joint speech/vision therapy at noon and then her teacher coming this afternoon. The nausea has continued today, only there have been quite a few throw ups (increasing in frequency and volume tonight). It's definitely a sleeping in her chair sort of night (and I'm switching her over to pedialyte as well). As of now, she can't seem to calm down and be still long enough to doze off...and when she's nauseous, sleep is the only thing that seems to help! Ugh. It's so hard to watch! Please pray that she can get some relief as soon as possible! 

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