Friday, February 7, 2014


Today has been better for my girl. No nausea and super sweet! She did wake up super early this morning, around 5:30am and Ryan was up by 6! These kids need to start sleeping in more, I am not a morning person! Everybody is good though! Ryan is finally over his cold like symptoms and Reagan still sounds a little congested every now and then but not much! It's nice to be able to have everyone together in one room again! Reagan had a busy day of, PT, & OT! She did great with everything! She's been very crunchy, with her hands twisted up in her hair nonstop, and had some temperature regulation issues (very sweaty), but otherwise great. We're really hoping she can continue on this good streak for a while longer...Grandma's coming this weekend and Reagan's got her endoscopy scheduled for Monday! 

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