Tuesday, February 11, 2014


It's been a tough day for my girl! Thankfully she slept well last night! We were able to put her in bed on her side and she slept until 6am. I found her kicking around so I moved her to her tomato chair and I just stayed up (she can't be trusted with this tube)! Today she's been tense, nauseous (with several throw ups), and wanting to wipe at her nose nonstop! She's gone through periods of extreme agitation, but no real crying. We've had to either restrain her or hold her arms all day (and she's so quick and strong, it's a difficult task)! As of this moment (11:24pm), the tube/probe is still in. We had a little mishap with the tape, it's peeling off under her nose and making her crazy, as well as making her neck really red (although we actually think it was the tube rubbing)...anyway we have it secured as best we can and hopefully it will stay put til noon tomorrow! I just want to finish this and pull this stupid tube and give my girl some relief!! Please keep it in your prayers that she can get some sleep tonight! I gave her clonidine earlier when she was freaking out and it didn't do a thing! She NEEDS sleep! 

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