Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Up all night, crazy chorea, & nausea

Well there was sleep last night, but only for one baby! Ryan slept like a rock once we gave him the fever all, Reagan however, did not! Reagan woke around 1:15am fussing. I moved her from her bed, back to her chair but she wouldn't settle down. She also didn't care to have me messing with her. I tried clonidine, Lortab, ibuprofen...nothing seemed to help her in the least. She'd doze off for a minute or two (the only time she would quiet down) and then she'd be back awake, kicking, crying, & fussing! Needless to say, none of us got much sleep! Then this morning she was still pretty tense, but stable. She was not at all cooperative for vision therapy (probably should have just cancelled it)! Her chorea was through the roof today. Lots of craziness going on! This afternoon she did have a major freak out but calmed down shortly thereafter and then had a great session of speech through the school system (her most attentive yet with the eyegaze system). Tonight she started sticking out her tongue a bit and then the nausea started. She had several big throw ups...tried clonidine for sleep but it only worked 20min or so. Not sure how I'm going to get her back to sleep now! (Brother went back to the doctor today...he's got ear infections in both ears now and his throat was even redder! They just have him the antibiotic shot...his first shot ever...remember, he's in immunized! Poor thing. I sure hope it starts working! He definitely feels terrible!) Please keep both of our babies in your prayers! 

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